Top Winter Home Decor Ideas You Should Try

It’s been almost three months since the extended holiday season, and I am missing the fragrant greenery and sparkling lights already. I feel like my house is lacking something. Thank God I could still turn my home into a winter wonderland with these decor ideas. You could try them, too, if you are missing the festive fun of the season. From outdoor flags to outdoor fireplaces, this article should be your one shop stop for all kinds of winter decor ideas!

Mix Metal

Mixing metals was a trend in 2016. But it remains a top home decoration for those who still want to enjoy a winter vibe in their room this 2021 or beyond. As a DIYer, I also fell in love with mixing metals as it adds instant warmth to my home. I tried silver and gold before. But it was too bold for my taste. Then, I shifted to gold and bronze instead. Additionally, you could add a metal accent wall, metal art pieces, metal furniture, and lighting fixtures.


The winter season will not be completed without a garland. If you have mixed metals in your home, a garland comes next. If you have tried brightening up your mantel and failed, you could never go wrong with a garland. While there are ready-made options online, you can prepare your garland to save some cash. Apart from that, it is also a great learning experience.

Faux Fur

Another easy way to create warmth in your space (maybe in addition to maintaining home heat system with the help of Barnett Electrical – Furnace Tune up, or something similar) would be to use faux fur. You can invest in a faux fur pillow, put some on a bench, or cover your dining chairs. It is not only cozy but also catchy. How much does faux fur cost? Well, it is not as expensive as you might imagine. It ranges from $15 to $25 per yard. Yes, it is highly affordable.

Yarn Wreath

I decluttered my cabinet, and I found some yarn. Since it’s winter season, I decided to create a yarn wreath. Aside from yarn, I used scrap fabric, cardboard, embroidery needle, thread, glue, and decorative clip-on bird. To make the yarn wreath, I just wrap the wreath ring with yarn. That’s it. It is easy. Use assorted colors of yarn to make your wreath stunning. You could also search on YouTube for other step-by-step and specific video tutorials. If you do not have time, there are wreaths you can purchase over the internet.


If you live in an area where the winters are bitterly cold, a firepit is a must-have.
I recently learned about patio gas firepit from a friend, and I was immediately hooked to the notion of having one in my own home. This way, we may spend time outside, sitting by the fire, rather than being confined to the house.


Mirrors are incredibly flexible and can be used for different purposes. It can add some sparkle to your space and cast more light throughout your room, making it look bigger. If you have been missing your Christmas-themed mantel, mirrors are a great replacement you should not dismiss. Mirrors come in different shapes and sizes, including a plane mirror, concave mirror, and convex mirror. Whatever your choice is, you can be confident it will enhance the natural light in your room, add unique decor, expand its size, and accentuate your pieces of furniture.

Sweater Pillow

Do you have old sweaters in your closet? Do you want to declutter your cabinet, but you do not know where to begin? You can put some in a yard sale while you can use the rest in customizing your pillow. If you have a sewing machine or possess some needlework experience, this project will not be as stressful as you had perhaps thought.

Try New Hue

Making a change in your home does not need to be complicated. While some apply removable wallpaper, others paint their homes with something new and colorful. If you have tried some wallpapers and painted your wall, using a couple of neon lights that could add life to your walls can be worth it. You might find some great lighting options on websites such as or alike.

Wrap Pinecones in Yarn

You have used pinecones as Christmas decor. Since almost three months have passed, do not throw these ornaments in your trash bin. If you have some extra yarn in your closet, wrap these pinecones with yarn. Then, place them in a bowl to achieve and enjoy a majestic seasonal centerpiece. You do avoid not only unexpected costs but also save your time.

I hope these home winter decor tips help you. If you encounter some trouble along the way, do not lose hope. All of your efforts will pay off soon, remember. Enjoy decorating your home this long winter season.