DIY Décor Ideas for Your Home

Your home must be the safest, most beautiful, and comfortable haven. That’s why you need to invest your time and effort to ensure you have the perfect abode. However, you might agree that home improvement and decoration from top to bottom can be ultimately expensive. Though it’s easy to turn to retailers in adding beauty and value to your space, you can still consider DIY home décor ideas to transform your home.

These DIY ideas are guaranteed to add appeal to your home without making your pocket bursts. So, the next time you’re planning for a home beautification and improvement project, get your tools and supplies and get started with your home projects. There are countless DIY home décor ideas that you can consider, such as hand-painted décors, customized cabinets, and even patterned laundry bags, to name a few. The following décor ideas also deserve to be included in your list:

Book-side Tables

You probably have encyclopedias lying dusty and dirty in one corner. You can put these books to good use by making book-side tables. To assemble them, you need to cut trim-forming box frames that fit around a book. You then need to nail it to the underside of the tabletop. The top portion should be painted. The next step is drilling a hole at the center of every book and glue the dowel at the middle underneath the table. Stack the encyclopedias, line up the holes, and twist.

Half-painted Arts

Another great DIY home décor idea for the home is half-painted arts. You can opt for halfsies with an array of coordinating colors. Half-painted arts make stunning wall decorations and are a form of DIY art for you to consider displaying throughout your home.

Plant Pedestal

Transform your living space with a DIY plant pedestal. Do the painting yourself. Paint a wooden pedestal with your chosen solid color, and then use this in playing up different heights in your living space with fresh greens and stacked books. You do not need to spend much on this home décor concept. Some DIY tricks and techniques can help you through.

Secret Shoe Storage

You can improve the look of your home by making your entryway clutter-free. You can do this by covering the shoe cubbies using table skirt fabric. To create secret shoe storage, you can dress your tabletop with trinkets and flowers and add more decorative accents.

DIY Vases

You can turn jute rope into a vase, and this can surely become a statement piece inside your home. This is as simple as it looks. You just need to glue the jute rope around the vessel. There are numerous ideas for DIY vases. You can take the time to research online so that you can create vases that complement your home.

Stylish Cabinet Tray

With drawer pulls and paints, salvaged cabinet doors can be transformed into TV dinner trays or makeshift boards. To make a stylish cabinet tray, you just need to fill holes in the board and let it dry. Sanding and painting the surface are the next steps. After these, pre-dill holes and then screw in the handles.

Wall-mounted Easel

This idea is perfect for those with kids who love to write on the wall. With a wall-mounted easel, writing on the walls will no longer be a bad thing. You can attach the easel to a blank wall making this space where your kids can display their arts.

Pillow Pockets

Even your old jeans can be useful again. You can create pillow pockets and make your living room look more personal and inviting. You can put the fusible fleece in between the pillow cover and jean pocket, then iron the layers together.

These are just a few of the countless DIY décor ideas you can consider to give your living room, bedroom, or even your kitchen a more improved look. These ideas do not need expert crafting skills to materialize. All you have to do is be unique and creative. Aside from home décor ideas, there are a lot more home design trends you can take a look at to give your home a cozier accent. I guess your guests will surely be impressed with how unique your home is because of your creativity, unique ideas, and of course, budget-friendly home improvement project.