Basin Taps is a home lifestyle and decoration blog created by yours truly Alice Basin. This is a place full of inspiration and ideas. It’s a story about interiors, love for photography, beautiful things, but most of all it’s a story about me and my family. This is simply my world, to which I warmly welcome you! 

Ever since I can remember ugliness has bothered me. Even as a little girl I felt the need to beautify my surroundings. When I was 5-6 years old I made my own dolls’ house. But don’t think that I just started playing with a grey box as a house, no, that’s not my style! My house was very carefully crafted, every element had to be perfect. I even remember meticulously cutting out the windows and then sewing curtains to them from scraps of fabric. It looked fantastic!

Despite the passage of years, the love for making the world more beautiful has remained. I am not a designer, but I decorate interiors out of necessity and passion, putting all my heart into it. My friends already know that I won’t hesitate to point out their decorating mistakes, but fortunately they don’t take it personally. Some of them are already beginning to appreciate my passion and ask me for help because, as it turns out, not everyone knows how to do interior design well.

My family roots are in Scandinavia and maybe that’s why Scandinavian style is my favorite. I appreciate the simplicity, purity, natural materials and timelessness. However, there is a spark of romance in me and the need for refined elegance, which are quintessentially hampton and Provencal styles.

On my blog you will find a lot about these styles, but I will not be monothematic. I will also write a little about the latest interior trends and advise how to avoid mistakes when decorating your home.