4 Factors to Consider When Constructing a Roof

When you are having a roof fitted to your property because either it is a new-build or was badly in need of a roof replacement, there will be several factors to be considered by yourself and/or your roofing contractor; click here for an example of one. It will be a balance between a roof looking pleasing to the eye, offering protection when it comes to the weather, lasting a long time, and being within budget. Roofing constructors such as Red Canyon Roofing will ensure all these considerations are met so that you are happy with your roof and it will serve you well for years to come in the environment in which you live.

So, let us examine the 4 factors for consideration when we decide on a roof type and style for us.

Pleasing Look

If you are going to the trouble of building a property from scratch or having a new roof fitted, you will see it as particularly important that the roof is going to look nice. You will want it to have curb appeal, as they say. With this in mind, you are likely to want to opt for a pitched or sloped roof to please the eye. The greater the slope, the more appealing a roof is considered to be. This will have other advantages, too, as you will find out as you read on.

A few choices of sloped roofs will include Gable Roof (the most common), Hip Roof, Clipped Gable Roof ( a combination of a Gable and a Hip Roof), Dutch Gable Roof (containing elements of a Gable and Hip Roof with a miniature Gable Roof atop), or Gambrel Roof.

Amount of Weather Protection

The most protection against the weather will be provided by a sloped roof. The greater the slope, the more protection against rain, snow, and high winds. The quicker that water can run off a property rather than pool, the less chance there is of it seeping inside. There is no doubt that sloped roofs, such as a Gable Roof, will protect a property from water damage.

Roofs should be storm-proof and hurricanes are a concern to any householder. By considering the materials and shape of your roof you can significantly lessen the chance of damage. If the water gets clogged or has no outlet, it might cause fungal growth, pest infestation, and in the long run, health problems too. Hiring a Water Damage Restoration Company near you could help in restoring your property to the original condition. They could also help in repairing any pipe burst, water removal extraction, sewage backup clean, and other restoration services.


If you are newly constructing or replacing a roof, presumably using a professional roofing contractor similar to can be found at https://www.thinkbordner.com/roofing-contractors/, you will want to think about how long the old roof has lasted. For instance, should we be looking for a material that lasts longer and will fair better against the elements?

The roofing material that lasts the longest is slate. Natural slate can last for 100 years if properly maintained. This compares to asphalt shingles that will last between 15 and 30 years. They are a lot cheaper and easier to fit, though. To fit individual slate tiles will invariably take longer. The look you create with slate tiles, though, is a natural one that will add considerable value to your home should you want to sell it. You will probably want to keep it, though, after you have put slate on the roof.

With the modern homeowner in mind, the most durable roof that you can have will be made from metal alloys. These will consist of a blend of steel and aluminum or both. Zinc and copper can be used too.

Budget Considerations

For those on a tight budget, you cannot beat shingles. Asphalt (bitumen) shingles are the commonest and cheapest option for roofs. They also come in three grades to suit various budgets.

Other types of shingles that are available include wood, plastic, metal, and slate. Natural materials such as slate tiles can be recreated as shingles to look the same but be a cheaper option to buy. You could also look for corrugated roofing as an alternative to asphalt shingles. You could try to contact roofing specialists such as Foregale if you’re in need of corrugated roof sheets.

To conclude, we should factor into our decision when choosing a roof that it should look pleasing to the eye and the eye of others, provide our home with adequate protection from the weather, and last a reasonable amount of time relative to the amount we have paid for the materials and for them to be fitted.